Students and teachers at Mount Waverley Heights Primary School in Victoria will soon have 100 new HP Chromebooks, Touchscreen devices, Chromebox, Mini Desktop PC’s and will use Google Classroom as a management system. This is thanks to the new Beacon School industry collaboration between HP Australia, Google for Education, BenQ and Datacom. 

The project was launched last night at Mount Waverley Heights Primary School, and is a multi-year initiative to deliver innovative learning environments for schools. The intention is to provide pathways, inspiration and career choices for students through technology, as well as access to programmes and opportunities for teachers and the wider school community.

Next week students will be collecting new Chromebooks from the HP Melbourne Experience Centre where they will get an inside view of the world of technology, providing inspiration for their future and opportunities for new career paths. They will also get a tour of the Google Melbourne office.

Then, to support roll out across classrooms, a Google for Education training provider will provide professional development for teachers, to equip them with G Suite for Education and with the know-how to confidently integrate this new technology in the classroom. Datacom has upgraded the network for Mount Waverley Heights Primary school so that children can stream video content smoothly, and send or receive large files in next to no time. This will allow more students to get online at the same time with fewer interruptions by connecting to a faster, higher quality network.

Sharon Reiss-Stone, Principal of Mount Waverley Heights Primary School welcomed the launch of the Beacon School industry project.

“This project will help our school to a better place by delivering an innovative and cutting-edge learning environment for our students and teachers. We are excited by the new methods of teaching and collaborating that will now be available to us. The technology will provide pathways, inspiration and career choices for our students and help them contribute to the development of the knowledge economy in Victoria.”

“We are delighted to be able to place opportunities in the hands of students through the Beacon School industry project,” Bob Peebles, Managing Director AU Commercial, Datacom said.

“The Mount Waverley Heights Primary School pilot is an example of what is possible when industry and education unite. By providing an end-to-end IT solution that supports student-teacher interaction, critical thinking and problem solving we are helping students to obtain the best opportunity for enhanced learning. The solution we have created can easily be replicated in other schools across Victoria and demonstrates a commitment by HP Australia, Google, BenQ and ourselves to have a positive impact on learning outcomes for students.”

“HP Australia recognises that our kids will live and work in a world vastly different from the one we know today. Learning is no longer a one-way channel from teacher to student. Today, it’s all about interactivity, constant collaboration and creative ways of bringing the real world into the classroom. HP Australia is committed to improving the digital literacy of every student, regardless of their background or situation, and we’re proud to be a part of the Beacon School Project. We look forward to working side-by-side with Mount Waverley Heights Primary School’s teachers, students and parents to power the next generation of learning and help bring the full potential of HP Australia’s technology to life.” – Rachael Williams, Enterprise Business Manager, Government and Education Enterprise Sales, Personal Systems, HP Inc