Today Datacom, New Zealand’s largest IT services provider, is pleased to announce the availability of the country’s first local object-based storage service for Government.

Called Datacom Object Storage, this service has been designed from the ground up to provide secure, low-cost storage for NZ Government clients, and is road-mapped for enterprise clients across New Zealand. It joins an already substantial suite of enterprise and Government cloud offerings.

Datacom Object Storage stores data as easily referenced objects, providing applications direct access to data. This means manipulating or retrieving files is far easier and more scalable than traditional block-based storage, which is the current mainstay of storage architectures.

In some use cases Datacom Object Storage is half the price of equivalent public cloud storage services, particularly where customers frequently access their data.

“We know customers appreciate knowing the true cost of cloud services before they buy, and that’s how we’ve designed our service,” says Mark Muru, Datacom Director.

Datacom’s analysis indicates customers have a strong preference for all-inclusive, predictable pricing, rather than paying each time data is accessed.

“We’ve worked hard to meet agencies’ needs of low-cost storage and compliance with the Government’s RESTRICTED security standard. The new offering from Datacom means that agencies don’t need to go to offshore providers and potentially compromise security to get the best value and experience,” says Muru.

“What is important to note is there is a false perception that offshore cloud services are cheaper than local ones - this is often not the case. We encourage businesses in New Zealand to make a considered total cost of ownership comparison before signing up for any service.”

Customers are expected to use Datacom Object Storage for anything from backups, seamless web-based services and enterprise shared drives.