December 16, 2013 – Datacom New Zealand (Datacom) and Syl Semantics (Syl) today announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver world-class Information Management and Enterprise Search solutions to clients in New Zealand and Australia.

This partnership for Datacom will combine Syl’s leading-edge information management, access and analysis solutions with Datacom’s industry-leading development, integration and delivery capabilities. The partnership will provide clients with new and innovative ways to maximise the value of their enterprise information and deal with the ever-increasing overhead of data overload.

Datacom New Zealand CEO Greg Davidson says, “We partnered with Syl because we see Syl’s semantic search offer as unique. It gives organisations sophisticated tools to quickly retrieve meaningful information across huge stores of structured and unstructured data.

This combination of Datacom’s extensive ICT expertise and Syl’s innovative solutions will enable our clients to make significant gains in productivity, competitive advantage and the means to optimise expenditure across many areas of ICT. This partnership enables Datacom to provide Syl solutions quickly and cost-effectively as part of our unique portfolio of cloud services.”

The Syl products are already installed at five government departments and many more government and commercial organisations are showing a keen interest on both sides of the Tasman.

Further investment in the partnership will ensure more organisations have the opportunity to realise goals of increased productivity, reduced ICT expenditure and improved delivery of services. 

Syl chief executive Sean Wilson said, “In today’s digital economy, people are generating massive amounts of data, at ever-increasing rates, creating new and exciting opportunities to improve analysis and decision-making. Businesses are faced with an equally significant challenge: how to deal with the growing overhead of enterprise data. This partnership will enable our clients to reduce cost, mitigate risk and optimise the value of their information assets.”

“Partnering with Datacom realises a core strategy of Syl’s, to take Syl’s solutions to new markets with best-of-breed, local ICT expertise. Datacom’s delivery and support capabilities will ensure our clients achieve maximum return on investment and enjoy a great customer experience, wherever they are located. Datacom’s presence in Australia and Asia will see Syl expand into new territories and enable us to continue the development of solutions that meet the needs of global clients.”