Datacom’s local government business continues to grow with Wattle Range Council adopting Datascape, an innovative cloud-based system aimed at delivering better council services to 12,000 residents in the region.

“Wattle Range Council is extremely excited to have partnered with Datacom for the provision of its new enterprise software management system,” said Council Chief Executive Officer, Ben Gower, as he signed the deal on Monday 18 November.

“One of Datascape’s standout features is being designed around the customer with modern interfaces that enable our community to interact with the Council on any matter, from any device, and from anywhere they can get an internet connection,” he added.

“Behind the scenes, automated workflows will process information in an effective and consistent way to ensure requests are dealt with quickly and efficiently, alongside customers being kept informed of progress.”

Mr Gower said Datascape will also free Council staff up to spend more time focussing on customers’ needs, rather than time consuming paperwork and red tape.

“Additionally, enhanced data analytics will also enable Council to monitor and measure a range of key performance indicators to enhance decision making and foster a culture of continuous improvement. All of this is a fully integrated, mobile, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. We can’t wait to come out of the shadows and into the light,” said Mr Gower.

Datascape is a SaaS enterprise resource planning (ERP) system designed specifically for managing the complexities local governments deal with on a day-to-day basis.

The suite includes applications to manage customer relationships (CRM), financials, properties and ratings, regulatory activities, HR and payroll activities and several digital services.

Also included in Datascape is the Antenno mobile app, which aims to improve council connections with people in their communities. It will be available free to all Wattle Range residents from early in the new year.

The Council will be able to send alerts and notifications to residents, as well as receive feedback from members of the community, encouraging active participation in decision-making and real-time interactions.

Commenting on the news, Mark Matijevic, Datacom’s Director Local Government Solutions, said “from day one Wattle Range Council struck me as an innovative team with a clear commitment to community outcomes and improving resident satisfaction.”

“Implementing Datascape and Antenno provides the Council with the tools to help them to not only achieve their engagement goals, but future-proof their digital infrastructure.”

“Their leadership team also have a strong desire to make robust decisions based on quality data and analysis. Datascape will assist significantly with this and we’re looking forward to helping Wattle Range uncover new insights from their wealth of existing and future data.”

Mr Matijevic added “we are working closely with councils throughout Australasia to understand their needs and what continued success in a local government context looks like. This rich insight benefits all Datascape customers and positions us to deliver real and measurable outcomes for their organisations, regardless of whether they’re choosing specific Datascape features or adopting the full ERP suite.”

This deal with Wattle Range Council is another example of how Datacom is using technology to build connected communities and expands a growing customer base for Datascape.

Wattle Range Council is the first to adopt Datascape in South Australia and joins a growing number of other councils using the platform throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

The Shire of Manjimup, in the south-west region of Western Australia and 320kms south of Perth, implemented Datascape earlier in 2019 to bring together digital council services and back office applications under one roof.