Data centre transition goes smoothly for LINZ

To meet our client’s need, Datacom purchased all LINZ’s server and core network infrastructure and relocated servers from three different locations to Datacom data centres in Auckland and Wellington. We also employed more than 12 LINZ IT staff.

LINZ CIO Russell Turner says Datacom's approach showed him how an outsourcing contract should work.

The Challenge

Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) needed a highly complex data centre migration finished quickly, smoothly and without impact on users. Additionally, there was a need to successfully migrate all of LINZ’s servers to Datacom’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution without disruption to the business or clients.

The Solution

Datacom’s five-year outsourcing contract with LINZ illustrates the value of close partnering.

The cooperation between Datacom and LINZ saw these complex data centre migrations being completed rapidly without impact to end-users. The teams ensured LINZ moved quickly from a mix of in-house IT infrastructure and external vendor-supplied data centre hosting to a fully outsourced solution.

Through the project, we relocated systems and equipment from three data centres into two Datacom data centres without interruption. This spanned 240 servers and 600 desktops servicing 500 LINZ staff. We achieved the relocation in just six weeks as a result of Datacom’s proven approach and comprehensive planning.

We also successfully migrated all of LINZ’s servers to our IaaS solution.

A review by a leading management consulting firm noted that Datacom’s transition model should be recommended as an approach for future government transitions.

Today, we provide infrastructure managed services and application development and management and support for all of LINZ’s applications. This includes the primary LINZ business application Landonline.

“Our experience with Datacom has been an eye-opener to me as to how an outsourcing contract should work. I can certainly recommend the approach that’s been taken and I can certainly recommend Datacom.”

Russell Turner – CIO, Land Information New Zealand