Reaching for the sky – Datacom’s cloud expertise helps Australian government

Land Use Victoria wanted to use the cloud to help manage the lands. With over 3 million land administrative titles, Datacom helped lay the foundations to migrate and transfer applications.


As part of the Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Land Use Victoria (LUV) manages land administration services including mortgages, covenants, caveats and easements.

LUV holds 3.4m current titles electronically in their own system, including processing more than 700,000 each year.

The challenge

LUV sought to migrate and transform 10 applications from a managed data centre to the cloud. This required a new landing zone to be created and managed in the cloud. LUV had strict security requirements, as the applications contained PROTECED data sets; as a result, the AWS landing zone required additional layers of protection; including anti-virus technology, continuous compliance, long term backups, enhanced logging and auditing, etc. in order to satisfy Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) Information Services Division’s (ISD) requirements.

The solution

In order to provide a secure and maintainable platform, Datacom delivered LUV’s landing zone using its Core Enabling Services (CES) product. CES is a fully automated account setup and management tool for AWS and Azure, which includes the management tooling required to meet the stringent security requirements set out by ASD, such as application whitelisting and CIS benchmarked virtual machines configured with continuous compliance (leveraging AWS Systems Manager). The landing zone setup allowed for the migration of applications to the new platform with automation. Datacom also assisted with the migrations, by providing support to the various application owners. In order to provide a flexible and completely transparent overview of managed services costs, Datacom provided LUV with a catalogue of outcome-based services for the managed AWS environment which scales with cloud consumption.

The Datacom difference

To meet pre-agreed application migration timelines, the secure (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and ASD aligned) AWS landing zones needed to be delivered in just two weeks. In order to meet this short deadline, Datacom leveraged CES’s collateral (including architecture documentation) and automation to accelerate the process. As the CES architecture aligns AWS best practice, the architecture documentation was accepted after a single round of review by LUV and DELWP ISD, and the build began immediately.


In under two weeks Datacom was able to create the AWS landing zones (including the security and management components), and the migration of the 10 applications to AWS was able to begin on time. The applications were migrated to development and were subsequently brought online in production, under Datacom’s managed service offering.

“Datacom have been a trusted partner on our journey to cloud. Datacom have worked with us to run and manage our applications on AWS, with a focus on security and compliance. We look forward to our continued adoption of cloud technologies, knowing that we will do so with the complete support of Datacom.”

Peter Tahan, Manager, Systems Branch, Land Use Victoria, DELWP