Volunteers staff conservation project

Conservation Volunteers was started in 1982 in Ballarat Victoria by a farmer who organised small groups into planting trees in their spare time. It has grown into Australia’s leading practical conservation organisation with offices across Australia and New Zealand.

Each year, Conservation Volunteers involves over 10,000 volunteers, plants one million trees and trains 1,000 groups and individuals – all through volunteers.

Datacom joined the cause in 2011, to provide support for the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Population Revival Programme. Over the past two years, 50 staff members have participated in nine volunteer days.

“The critical work being achieved through the Eastern Barred Bandicoot Population Revival Programme is only made possible through the generous support of our partners like Datacom. Through volunteering, Datacom employees have made a direct and significant difference to the future of Victoria’s most endangered marsupial to ensure they do not [become extinct].”

Sonia Hartog – Corporate Partnerships Manager, Conservation Volunteers