Sponsoring e-innovation at Victoria University

Datacom has been a founding and lead sponsor of Victoria University’s Chair in e-Government since its inception in 2007.

The Chair, led by Professor Miriam Lips who is recognised across the world for her work, explores issues associated with and benefits to be gained by the application of new IT technologies within government. The New Zealand Government is recognised as leading the world in this field. Recent research projects include the role new and social media played in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes, public attitudes to the sharing of personal information by the public service, effective record management in the 21st century, and a review of e-campaigning by political parties during the 2011 general election in New Zealand. In addition to academic research, the Chair runs seminars.

“Datacom’s support for the Chair in e-Government at Victoria University since it was established in 2007 has been invaluable in helping government to add more value to e-Government solutions.”

Professor Miriam Lips – Professor of e-Government