Social media monitoring solution provides the Australian Energy Market Operator with valuable strategic industry and customer insights

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) plays an important role in supporting the energy industry in Australia to deliver a more integrated, secure, and cost effective national energy supply. AEMO operates the energy markets and systems and also delivers planning advice in eastern and south-eastern Australia.

The Challenge

AEMO was interested in the potential adoption of Social Media as a communications, relationship building, and community management channel for their internal and external stakeholders. Their objective in this situation was to identify the best way to build an over-arching Social Media strategy, through gaining better understanding of the existing industry (digital) landscape and capturing the online public perception of the AEMO brand across a range of social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Forums, Blogs, and others.

AEMO approached Datacom to perform a full-spectrum independent Social Media audit that both captured information stated above and provided in-depth insights, and recommendations on ways to approach an effective over-arching Social Media strategy build.

The Solution

Datacom mapped and planned a comprehensive approach in order to capture a 360-degree view of their social presence. The audit helped AEMO gain deep understanding of their online brand equity, key industry influencers, and sentiment towards the brand. Datacom also performed comparative analysis of AEMO against international and domestic like-minded organisations in Social Media. Based on this audit, Datacom was able to provide AEMO with tactical and strategic considerations to help educate the way forward. These findings have helped key members of the AEMO Communication & Corporate Affairs team build a business case to encourage the potential for a deeper Social Media adoption across the organisation.

“As an organisation that continues to evolve and adapt, AEMO need to continually provide value to our stakeholders. AEMO engaged Datacom to provide an audit on our social online landscape to see how we can continue to add value within a constantly changing energy landscape. The final report was of a high quality and recommendations were clear.”

Joe Adamo – Group Manager, Communication & Corporate Affairs at AEMO


Due to the in-depth knowledge and valuable analysis delivered from the Datacom audit and insights, AEMO is now in a more confident position to use Social Media as a key communications and stakeholder engagement channel to support existing channels. Datacom will also be working in collaboration with AEMO to help launch a new product in the social space, and ensure an effective Social Media strategy is in place to support its ongoing stakeholder engagement plans.