IT Management

Datacom delivers IT management services to business.

Title Date Summary
Title: NHMRC Win10 Date: 20-Dec-2018 Summary: Helping to build a healthy Australia, modernising desktops for the NHMRC
Title: Department of the Environment and Energy – Wildlife Trade Permits Date: 06-Dec-2018 Summary: Protecting Australia's wildlife with new ways of working
Title: RACGP Date: 07-Nov-2018 Summary: Shaping a healthy Australia - The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
Title: St Barbara Date: 13-Sep-2018 Summary: St Barbara: Stopping the enemies at the gate
Title: Ministry of Education - Identity and Access Management Date: 10-Sep-2018 Summary: NZ Ministry of Education - easing access to digital services
Title: Taranaki District Health Board Date: 30-Apr-2018 Summary: Measuring the patient journey
Title: NZ Department of Internal Affairs Date: 12-Feb-2018 Summary: Future proofing the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs
Title: Land Information New Zealand Date: 30-Jan-2018 Summary: Land Information New Zealand
Title: Limar Group Date: 16-Feb-2017 Summary: Wrap-around IT support for the Limar Group
Title: Mater Health Services North Queensland Date: 16-Feb-2017 Summary: Breathing new life into health infrastructure