Professionals go global with digital auction house

Professionals is a group of independent New Zealand-owned businesses operating under one of real estate’s most recognised and trusted brands.


The Challenge

Auctions have become an increasingly popular way of buying real estate, and Professionals Redcoats Ltd Lower Hutt wanted to capitalise by better engaging attendees and encouraging participation. However, its staff were presenting at auction using PowerPoint, which had limited capability.

While the Professionals weren’t ready to have a full online auction experience, the company decided it was time to invest in a dynamic, real-time auction display. The display also needed to be viewable from the office café and available online to invited users. 

The Datacom Difference

A team of four of our people used a rapid prototyping methodology to build a working product within four days. One of these days was spent in Professionals’ office, meeting with staff and observing auctions to gain a full understanding of users’ needs and the existing process employed.

When Professionals saw the work we had done in such a short period of time, it brought us back in to build the auction display application and a bid tool application.

The finished applications displayed bids in real-time and looked modern and inviting. It also showed all the properties up for auction, the order of sales and the results on the day.


The Datacom team combined the Professionals’ brand elements with a clean, crisp layout. Most importantly, the applications are easy to maintain and simple to use. The company was no longer reliant on the design team completing PowerPoint slides prior to each auction, and all bids are now automatically recorded electronically so staff don’t have to write them down on paper.

At the time of writing, Professionals had been using the new display for three months and says it has given the company a clear advantage over its competitors, many of whom are using far less streamlined systems. With the Professionals’ bid price and all other details instantly appearing on screen, bidders are clear on what the current bid is and whether or not the property has met its reserve. Also, the ability to relay the display to the screens in the reception area and meeting rooms is helpful for property owners who do not wish to be in the auction room.

Auctions can also be live-streamed from all over the globe, and Professionals has international buyers free to tune in, watch and bid. 

“The auctioneers love it. If ever in doubt as to what stage their bidding is at, they can just look back to the screen.”

John Ross, Managing Director, Professionals Redcoats Ltd