Linking luxury retailers throughout Asia Pacific

Valiram Group is Asia Pacific’s leading luxury goods and specialist retailer with presence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, China, Thailand, Philippines, Macau and Hong Kong. These range through fashion and accessories, timepieces and jewellery, leather goods, fragrances, cosmetics and confectionery.

The Group operates in more than 100 dedicated retail concept store locations including airports and downtown shopping districts, and represent at least 150 luxury and high end brands.

The Challenge

Valiram wanted to be more agile and to keep their leading position by being able to move with the market. To make that possible, the group needed to improve collaboration and connectedness between the business offices and the stores throughout Asia and Australia, and they looked to technology for help.

The vision was to have an infrastructure that would support high-quality real-time conversation via voice, video and other new technologies, rather than relying on their existing ageing network and service infrastructure.

The Datacom Difference

Given the need to connect globally, Datacom worked with Cisco Malaysia to offer Valiram a complete solution that delivered cutting edge, real-time communication. The solution was a mix of collaborative architecture and wireless specialisation with unified communication products. High-definition video conferencing and wideband voice connectivity were supported by a new core network and security solution and cloud hosting capability. The infrastructure was built to evolve, able to take on other technologies as required over the coming years.

The massive change and risk associated with upgrading core infrastructure was managed through a close working relationship with Valiram and a rigorous change control process. This enabled a seamless transition between old and new technologies.

On completion, Valiram had the confidence to launch new electronic distribution facilities to the market, knowing their underlying technology was highly available, stable and secure. The company has also seen a cost reduction with voice traffic moved onto internal networks, while enjoying new features including wideband audio and video functionality.

This project suited our extensive design, implementation and operational experience in the region having implemented complex systems for many customers of different sizes, using technologies such as voice, video, security, routing and switching.

Cleverly applied information technology (IT) makes a significant difference to businesses with high expectations and limited resources. Technology helps these expectations come true.

“My experience of working with Datacom has been very positive. Their professionalism was refreshing and I would be happy to work with them again. Thank you to Andrew and the team for making the project a grand success.”

Sujjath Ahmed, Chief Information Officer - Valiram Group