Improving logistics with Tempo

More active freight via real time dataset analysis

Border Express customers not only wanted more services, they wanted to know more about how those services were being delivered in real time.

Border Express started almost 40 years ago as a specialised palletised freight company.

With three generations of the Luff family's experience in the transportation and distribution business, they have expanded into a business-tobusiness bulk and parcel delivery company with 14 facilities and a network of 50 third-party carriers spread throughout Australia.

Growing customer demand was putting serious pressure on their IT team who were supporting a range of platforms including ERP systems, TMS (Transport Management System) and mobile systems, while also striving to provide integration.

A major IT overhaul was in order.

Border Express needed a solution that would enable drivers to provide real-time, quality information to customers and Border Express’ operations people. They required this information to be accurate, rapid and secure from the moment of collection to final delivery.

Border Express’ senior management and operational teams came together with a dedicated Datacom team to look at innovative ways to better utilise time and existing capability to deliver big gains.

As the teams had co-operated on other successful projects, there was confidence that the best outcome would be delivered. Once work began, an app-based solution was designed and developed to scan, track and trace freight.

Implementation began with the in-depot and on-road components of the parcel fleet, which had been identified as the areas of highest growth potential and service demand.

Within days the new app based solution had boosted both scanning rates and tracking capability. This was driven by a smoother scanning facility, enhanced data availability, and a more intuitive process flow.

Feedback from the drivers showed they found the new application much easier to operate and far more reliable than their previous system, while management noted a significant increase in the scan rate.

“The drivers who use it already are seeing a much easier process, and a much better outcome. The rest are hearing about the product and wanting to know when they can get it. This is so different to our last roll out.”

Tony Sharp, General Manager of Operations, Border Express