Instant data streamlines work in the field and HQ

By migrating to the cloud, workers in the field and at head office can track, update and report instantly

Flexible Australia provides infrastructure maintenance and other specialised services to support the network of stormwater and sewer systems in Australia’s Canberra and Queanbeyan region.

Flexible had been managing its maintenance and defects-management operations with paperbased processes.

It wanted a greater ability to effectively disseminate and track jobs information in order to achieve the desired levels of efficiency, reliability and operational ease.

The new system also needed to provide customers with a clear picture of work in progress, and the completed work at any given moment, along with a documented audit history.

Datacom stepped in to design a new solution architecture, implement the project and provide ongoing support to help overcome any business challenges.

The Datacom team re-imagined Flexible’s business processes using a tailored Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution, focusing on ease of use and rapid user adoption. The solution was hosted within Dynamics 2016 Online and included the configuration of a third-party mobile application from Resco.

By delivering a cloud-hosted, mobile, fieldworker capability, Flexible could then concentrate on delivering its core business.

The Flexible team now have seamless access to job and customer details from any location, at any time.

The final step to complete the adoption of cloud was the migration of on-premises files and email systems to the Microsoft online ecosystem. By taking advantage of Office365 on an enterprise plan, Flexible removed the risks associated with old, unreliable and costly on-premises infrastructure.

Datacom and Flexible worked together to develop a project schedule that delivered rapid business value to minimise disruption to operational activities. The re-imagining of Flexible’s CRM and mobile app, the move to Dynamics CRM 2016 Online, the migration to Exchange Online, the development of the document management and collaboration system, and the full migration of data to SharePoint Online was completed in just two months.

The mobile capabilities supplied by Datacom has fully replaced all paper forms, boosting field worker efficiency and enhancing data integrity, allowing them to record data once only. This is directly ingested into the CRM through a customised third-party mobile app.

Receiving real-time data from the field allows Flexible headquarters to better manage jobs and ensure field workers can deliver safe, quality and speedy services to all customers. Flexible is also able to generate reports and invoices at any time from the CRM with just a click of a button. This functionality also provides a higher level of confidence in report quality and consistency.

“Working with Datacom has been good. When we first started down this path, we were unsure of what to expect. We were impressed. The team at Datacom not only carried out the project as per the scope, but listened and took on board our concerns to make sure our solution worked.”

Scott Rolfe, General Manager, Flexible