Flooring Brands improves processes through smart payroll

Datacom upgraded Flooring Brands' legacy payroll system and reduced IRD reporting from 23 independent IRD e-filing and PAYE payments to six.

The Challenge

Flooring Brands identified the strong need to consolidate its 23 different payroll entities into six. The legacy system was inefficient and there was a growing lack of confidence in the process and information provided. This had to change.

The Solution

Flooring Brands had gone through a period of strong growth through acquisition. However, it maintained the payroll on site after each acquisition resulting in 23 different entities.

This meant each entity had a unique period end date and direct credit date, while all payrolls were weekly. This required a payroll administrator on site and a supporting back up staff member.

The company had a number of issues to resolve around payroll processes including the fact there were three payroll products, three reporting types, and only partial provision of a general ledger interface.

Added to this, there was little tested disaster recovery, business continuity, or upgrade processes, among other human resource issues.

Datacom’s solution met these challenges head on. Our team centralised all employees on one database to a single IRD entity over three months. The team also rolled out fully automated provision of disaster recovery, business continuity, and database upgrade processes.

Other improvements included: change of pay frequency from weekly to fortnightly; introducing a web based self-service system to assist with data capture; and, configuring DataPay’s reporting tool to automatically generate filtered reports to various multi-site administrators.

Today, the company has a single point of reference for employee administration. This has led to a decreased requirement for on-site administrators and the organisation was able to restructure and spread administration across multiple sites.

“The Datacom team’s high level of technical consultancy skills ensured we were able to achieve some tough project goals. Importantly, we did this within a short period of time which meant there was minimal impact on our staff.”

Serena Tupou - Flooring Brands, Payroll Manager