Easing stress with online payroll

Since 2003, HRV has promoted the great benefits of home ventilation to Kiwi home-owners. Their market-leading products quickly became recognised as the go-to for families wanting relief from damp and unhealthy homes.

The Challenge

HRV is an organisation of 15 separate companies and previously, the administration staff of each one had to go through time-consuming manual payroll processes.

The organisation needed an online payroll system that would cover all employees. They also needed a reporting system that provided insights into labour costs across their whole organisation.

The Datacom Difference

HRV chose Datacom to take responsibility for its payroll because of our expertise and ability to manage multiple entities. The company wanted to outsource its payroll, and EasiPay was the ideal solution.

We worked closely with HRV to ensure a smooth transition from their existing payroll provider. Together we managed set-up and configuration, data migration, testing and, finally, go-live. We continue to provide support. Our payroll specialists manage the HRV payroll using our cloud-based evergreen software, DataPay.

"The online timesheet and leave application process is simple for staff to understand and use."

Donna Haywood, Financial Controller - HRV