Lockyer Valley Regional Council online and thriving

Lockyer Valley Regional Council governs a 2,200 square kilometre area about an hour’s drive from Brisbane, Queensland. Around 35,000 residents call the region home.


The Challenge

The council’s website was ageing and no longer functioning properly, with staff and end-users finding it unmanageable and very difficult to use. So the council went on the hunt for a content management system that was designed with local government in mind. It needed to be easy to use, look good, and have all the functionality the council required including improved search. 

The Datacom Difference

Datacom’s Sphere Web solution, built upon Microsoft SharePoint, was a great fit across all of the council’s requirements. Sphere is an out-of-the-box product which doesn’t require much customisation, and is tailored to local government needs. It’s also cost effective and can be implemented within a tight timeframe. In fact, Lockyer Valley began speaking to Datacom in March 2015 and the project was completed by late July the same year.

The benefits to the council have been significant – the new website is much easier to use, both for content managers and end-users, and community feedback has been very positive. Business and Community Directories are included using Datacom’s Multi-Channel solution, alongside in-site search and reminders for content managers to review and update pages.

With the new corporate website live, Lockyer Valley is now working with Datacom on a number of other features, including Facilities Booking using Sphere Online Services. They have also joined our growing user group community.

"We look forward to continuously improving our website and online tools available to our community."

Joe Sprinkart and Graham Cray, Lockyer Valley Regional Council