SAECOWilson and SEAL Imports ramp up Cloud payroll systems

Datacom rolled out cloud payroll product DataPay to reduce the time SAECOWilson spent on payroll.

SAECOWilson's Chief Financial Officer, David Robinson, says he "cannot speak highly enough" of Datacom's people.

The Challenge

Industrial Engineering component distribution firm, SAECOWilson, and sister company, SEAL Imports, needed to refresh their payroll systems and processes to enable staff to more easily input, access and view information. The companies also wanted to strip out duplication and cut ‘human error’ through a more streamlined, automated approach to payroll process. 

The Solution

SAECOWilson and SEAL had seen increased requirement for more information from their payroll systems. Both companies also recognised the existing systems would not meet future need.

SAECOWilson had heard about our enterprise Cloud payroll product DataPay and got in touch with Datacom. SAECOWilson and SEAL were particularly impressed by the reporting functionality as it was simple and easy to use yet allowed them greater access to their payroll information.

From the companies’ point of view the eight-week implementation was easy.  Datacom followed our payroll implementation best practice. Information was collected in a timely manner and the process explained upfront. 

The project rolled out within only eight weeks, despite it being the Datacom team’s busiest time of year. Our consultants were working on multiple payroll implementations nationally. Adding to the challenge, SAECOWilson and SEAL ran payrolls on the same day but at two different sites, Auckland and Hamilton and for two different time periods. 

However, we deployed four payroll consultants to achieve a successful go-live of the project. Datacom also provided on-site support and training during the roll out, while allowing back office functions to continue without interruption at our Auckland office.

Today, the solution has led to efficiency gains and the reporting available within DataPay has led to a reduction of double entry. 

“We cannot speak highly enough of the staff assigned to our implementation. As DataPay is far more complex and detailed than our previous systems we required careful assistance to ensure there were no issues when we went ‘live’. At every step, the Datacom team were friendly, knowledgeable and willing to assist and the ongoing excellent support from the ‘help desk’ team is really something we sincerely appreciate and rely on.”

David Robinson - Chief Financial Officer, SAECOWilson