No more system lock down while payroll processes

So used to helping other businesses, Yellow realised they needed help themselves when it came to paying their people.

Yellow NZ has and always will be on a mission to help New Zealand businesses be better by providing the tools and advice to learn and grow. Yellow is on a massive transformation journey with an unrelenting drive to make owning and running a business easier through use of digital marketing products and solutions.

Why do New Zealand businesses choose Yellow?

  • We know all there is to know about growing Kiwi businesses
  • We’re trusted by over 70,000 businesses in New Zealand to promote their business
  • Each year our digital experts send more than two million Kiwis to local websites
  • Each month we have 1.5 million visits to
  • We're local – our digital and print experts are based all over New Zealand

The Challenge

Yellow is currently going through a transformation into a digital marketing agency. Previously, access to our payroll system was limited. Employees could only log in via a Yellow desktop or laptop, not only that but each fortnight we had to lock our employees out of the system for three days whilst payroll was processed.  It was clunky and we wanted to move to a more current system.
As the Payroll Officer was also interested in moving to a new internal role, outsourcing payroll was a great option for us.

The Solution

Our project manager was based at Datacom’s Auckland office in the Professional Services team. A well-defined and date specific project plan was created for our payroll transition, with the implementation kicking off in late August. We completed all data migration early September and were ready for parallel testing, which was completed later that month. This prepared us well for our planned Go-Live in early October. Our first live pay run was processed on schedule in the first week of October.


As a market leader, we were confident Datacom had the necessary resources in place to conduct a smooth transition. Also, being a locally based team, there was no need to worry about any time zone differences. We felt confident we could trust Datacom to process our payroll accurately and provide exceptional customer service.  
The implementation was a great success. Our first live pay run was processed accurately and on time as scheduled. In addition, our staff have fully embraced the new payroll change. We’ve had great feedback from our people – they love the MyPay mobile app, the look and feel of the Direct Access self-service portal and how easy everything is to use!
We feel we have delivered a great outcome; no more locking down the system for three days while payroll is being processed.

“We are extremely happy to have moved from a limited and clunky payroll system to an up to date and fully outsourced Datacom payroll solution.”

Nicole Dale, People & Culture, Yellow NZ