Datacom offers specialised services for industry verticals.

Title Date Summary
Title: Auckland Design Manual Date: 18-Jan-2016 Summary: World-leading design guide for Auckland Council enables creativity
Title: HRV Date: 08-Dec-2015 Summary: Easing stress with online payroll
Title: Asmuss Date: 08-Dec-2015 Summary: EasiPay success in just six days
Title: HydroWorks Date: 08-Dec-2015 Summary: PAYE peace of mind
Title: Auckland University of Technology Date: 16-Oct-2015 Summary: Timetables go mobile
Title: Knox Grammar Date: 19-Jun-2015 Summary: Datacom boosts school IT performance with tailored storage solution
Title: Chorus Date: 27-Nov-2014 Summary: Customised payroll solution benefits Chorus
Title: Partners Life Date: 27-Nov-2014 Summary: Payroll upgrade supports Partners Life expansion
Title: Eagle Air Date: 27-Nov-2014 Summary: Eagle Air enhances payroll system
Title: Taupo District Council Date: 21-Nov-2014 Summary: Taupo District Council offers better online services