Mobility Managed Services

Our mobility solutions are smart, creative, robust, innovative and targeted. We’re also well-known for our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget – whether for SME businesses or large scale enterprises.

Specifically designed for use with LTL freight and consignment management of barcoded and non-barcoded items where tracking both an item and consignment are critical.

Tracks all parcels going from the ingestion point in your courier network to the depot or hub, through the delivery drivers’ On Board process (OFD) and to the end receiver.

Delivers job dispatch, pick-up and delivery with interim stops, Proof of Delivery, photo capture and GPS.

Provide the in store capability to make sure you parcels are tracked right to the end of the process in real time.

Provides robust message-based communications framework that is significantly scalable.

Industrial strength, tried and tested.

This web-based management console can be delivered to your environment or as a Service hosted by Datacom.

Helps ensure you have the right assets in the right place at the right time.

Secures real time visibility for the operation and management teams.